Referrals, Affiliates and Incentives – Genkan Owner Manager

imagesOwner Manager Referrals

Genkan is offering programs in offering incentives to Genkan Owner Manager users to spread the word on the product.

Genkan Owner Managers referring a new client who signs on and operation for 3 months will receive a $10 rebate per month for the first property and $5 per month for additional properties that come on board either with a single owner or multiple owner.

For example should an Genkan Owner Manager on $40 per month for his property refer 7 clients, the use of Genkan owner manager would be $0 per month

Should a Genkan Owner Manager continue to refer they will be provided with a $50 per property bonus which would be paid after 3 months of the new client goes live.

Affiliates of Genkan Owner Manager

Affiliates of the Genkan Owner Manager module are those that do most of the selling to a client that they already have a relationship with

Affiliates of the Genkan Owner Manager module receive 50% of their clients sign on fee with genkan and this is paid after 3 months of the client in operation using Genkan Owner Manager.

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