Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

What are the main differences between the channels and the services they provide?

In simple terms, they all work differently and are all in a state of change.

Homeaway is a two way connection, all images, property descriptions tariffs and calendars are sent via the “XML Api feed” in what is probably the best of the available connections. Visitors to the Homeaway site can see availability and depending upon Genkan settings make a booking request.

Stayz is currently a one way connection, all images, property descriptions tariffs and calendars are sent via the “XML Api feed” however the visitor to the Stayz site can only make an enquiry which results in an email to you for their dates request.

A new Homeaway-Stayz connection is under development by this company and will be integrated into Genkan as soon as they are completed. We are expecting this in October 2017 is a two way connect. The property must be setup in with all images, property descriptions and other property information. Genkan sends availability and tariffs to Visitors to the website can make a booking online and this information is fed through to Genkan

The AIrBnB The Airbnb is a two way connection. All information, property information images and descriptions, availability calendar and pricing are passed to the AirBnb portal. The alternate to this functionality is an iCal sync of calendars.

Expedia completed and awaiting confirmation from Expedia

TripAdvisor Holiday Rentals this is currently under development, completion Sept 2017

Agoda Holiday Homes – Due for completion November 2017

CTrip – Due for completion December 2017

Inntopia – Due for completion January 2018

What are the main differences between Genkan for Owner Managers and the complete Genkan

The best way to understand this is to visit

Where do i get the Genkan App ?

The Genkan App is available to be downloaded for free at both the Apple and Android Stores

Is the Resonline Channel Manager functionality free with Genkan for Owner Managers

The link between Genkan and Resonline is included within the package however Resonline may charge you depending upon the channels you wish to use on their service
For More information visit Resonline